Best month, busiest week

Week started out with me seeing a Wired article about I reached out to the writer and mentioned, he said he liked it, tweeted it out himself. This started because on the drive back from Tampa last weekend I decided I need to start spending more time talking to people if I'm going to achieve my personal and goals.

That situation going well just encouraged more that week — mostly jumping into Mastodon and Twitter conversations here and there, being helpful with some things, not asking for anything. Just getting myself out there.

On Tuesday I somehow discovered that a ton of posts with “live stream sports” links were coming in from a small group of IP addresses in the Ukraine. I blocked these IPs then went to bed. The next morning a huge flood of them came in and I spent a few hours looking for patterns (the IPs were now all over the place) and eventually added them to the spam filtering. I added filtering on our intermediary reporting server so my mail inbox wouldn't flood, and carried on with the day.

On Thursday they were mixing things up, not using that telltale phrase but still using links. All languages on posts were uk. Blocked some of these.

Interesting side-note: just found this site: in analytics. And it's funny because I was thinking I should try to get a job with whoever does this kind of stuff, to figure out how they work.