Today we got our first bit of ISIS content on, mentioned in a tweet and by a user:

Hello, Please find à link to a ISIS content : Please can you remove it?

At first I thought it was odd, because checking the API, it showed the post only had one view. But then I saw people had been sending around this /pad/ URL, which wouldn't have increased the view count.

That way of sharing also complicates our existing ban functionality. As it stands, banned posts just show a Post not found page at their standard shareable URL, but are still accessible in the Pad, so that people don't lose work if they've been wrongly flagged. Even if I ban this post, since it's being shared by its edit URL, people won't notice a difference. I'll probably need to start checking for a valid edit_token on posts before showing them in the editor. But I also like the idea of people being able to edit others' posts locally — that'll serve as the basis for