Last night went well. I looked at Android v2 for the first time in a while and audibly said wow when I first opened it, because it looks so good. The biggest thing is the color scheme change, but it looks really good.

I updated the app icon too, and I'm pretty happy with it. I think it looks much more modern. I also chipped away at issues with saving edited posts and extracting or displaying post titles in the UI. The code is a mess as I've bolted the new richer post structure onto the old one, using SQLite no less where the old one used JSON and user preferences — and they're living side-by-side in v2. But it'll pass for now so I can get this out the door and then take my time migrating everything to the new storage system.

I ended the night by adding support for Markdown on anonymous posts. I've kept an eye on since it launched just after we were on Product Hunt last November, and lately I've noticed people asking if there's any new development on it on Twitter. @bold hasn't tweeted since December, and the creators seemed to have moved on, based on their bios. So I've been reaching out to people publicly tweeting about it, and mentioning that is here, and isn't just a cute side-project. Bold supports Markdown out of the box (like, so I wanted some way for users to get a similar experience on

I've also decided to start writing here more — ideally, every day I work on I'll try to chronicle the important things that could be relevant to anyone building a product by themselves.

Today there was an influx of new anonymous users. Last week a professor in Saudi Arabia tweeted out a link to and we saw a huge influx of new users (I was especially excited for that because of all work I'd already done to support RTL languages back in the day). Today someone else prominent must've retweeted it, because another huge rush came in, and altogether we saw 235 new posts today (the daily average for the past few months has been about 100/day).