Made good progress on the macOS desktop app, and started writing out the App Store page. Really not excited about giving Apple money from the sales, but at least I won't have to build anything new to take payments, and ideally the App Store will provide some more traffic.

After looking into comparable apps like iA Writer, I've decided to price the app at $7.99, and am sharing some keyboard shortcuts so it's easy for people to jump over the I just need to figure out how I'm going to make it useful for doing more than publishing to; I know people are going to expect that it can open and save files like a normal text editor since it'll be a full desktop app that they paid for.

But for a lot of today I found myself getting really excited about the prospect of launching this app. Ever since I started doing real programming I've always wanted to make standalone, distributable software. And the potential to add it as a revenue stream, as well, is all the better.

Now I'm sitting down to tackle a minor backlog of user issues after traveling to DC over the weekend. There were actually a lot of customers on the product over the weekend. And still crazy amounts of activity during the week — consistently over 150 posts / day after it blew up a bit in Saudi Arabia the other week.

Tasks for tonight:

And for bonus points, knock out post metadata editing, since customers have been asking for it for a while.